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Marketupdate: How are we doing so far in 2020

Recently the government has decided to introduce a few new restrictions in the battle against the Coronavirus and the much-discussed second wave. It is abundantly clear that the virus has consequences for a certain sector, take the hospitality industry and hotel for example. The rental market has not remained intact either. Read below our experiences so far.


Amsterdam rental market during Covid 19

As has become obvious by now, and just to throw in a cliché, times are changing. The pandemic that we are all dealing with also has it’s repercussions on the rental market and that is why we will try to explain what this means and what the consequences may be.  


Huurovereenkomst, Onbepaalde tijd of maximaal 2 jaar?

Tegenwoordig zijn meerdere mogelijkheden met betrekking tot een deugdelijk huurcontract voor de verhuur van woningen in Amsterdam. Maar welke is nou geschikt voor uw situatie. Lees hier het blog over de mogelijkheden. 


A linear or an annuity mortgage in the Netherlands?

Choosing a mortgage type in the Netherlands is a personal choice and we are often asked what the best option is. The linear mortgage is often considered to be cheaper, but is that really the case? And does an annuity mortgage give you more freedom? Or could the increasing costs be overwhelming?

In this article we will help you to gain insight through answering a set of frequently asked questions about both types of mortgage.

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