Absolutely! As long as you have a visa, permit or residence you will be able to rent an apartment.
Yes, you can. You need a Dutch address and a secure job to apply for a mortgage. Buying a house can take a variable amount of time though. The time it takes to secure your home varies according to multiple factors such as the market at the time of your arrival - and of course your specific requirements, wishes, and personal financial situation. You will need a mortgage initially - and applying for this can take some weeks. The following processes after you have been granted your mortgage will take at least another few weeks. Surveyors, Notaries, Valuators and other services are involved. Working with these partners can take time, so we would recommend at least securing a temporary housing contract for between 3 months - 1 year, to make sure that you give yourself ample room to breathe during the process.
By bike! With the fantastic bike paths, it is possible to cycle throughout Amsterdam and arrive in the desired location within minutes. Popular as well are the tram and subway. Cars are rarely used due to finding a parking space is very difficult in the city center.
Depending on your preferences you can find an apartment between 1-3 weeks. Most apartments only come online 4-6 weeks before they are available for rent. Don’t start your search too early to avoid disappointment!
Depending on your preferences you can find an apartment between 1-3 weeks. Most apartments only come online 4-6 weeks before they are available for rent. Don’t start your search too early to avoid disappointment!
Currently about 862.965 people (and counting) are living in Amsterdam with 180 different nationalities. The number of expats is constantly changing, approximately 130.000 expats are living in Amsterdam!
In The Netherlands, the tenant of a property will have to pay “municipality taxes” for the water levy and the waste charges. On a yearly basis the total charges are about € 350 to € 450 euro.
It is important to mention in advance if you have pets to avoid disappointments. As pets are not allowed in all properties but by knowing it, we can focus on finding the right property for you and your pet. Usually when you have a pet, the deposit is set to 2 months’ rent and sometimes a special pet clause can be added to the rental agreement.
Amsterdam is spread over 8 city districts, each with its own characteristic neighborhoods. Amsterdam-Centrum, Amsterdam-Noord, Amsterdam-Westpoort, Amsterdam-West, Amsterdam Nieuw-West, Amsterdam-Zuid, Amsterdam-Oost and Amsterdam-Zuidoost.
Currently we are creating a monthly blog about the several neighborhoods within the districts with all inside information, check it out!
The difference in price depends on the location and the facilities of the apartment. Whether the apartment is furnished or not. Rental prices vary from €1.600,00 till €4.000,00 per month. Please note that most monthly prices are excluding utilities!
A free sector apartment is an apartment that has passed the liberated rental threshold. The threshold is based on a point system and currently is 143 points. The size of the apartment, energy label, location, value, spaces and other things all stand for a certain amount of points. All points added up give the amount of points for the apartment. By passing the threshold the landlord is free to decide what the rental price of the apartment is.
Amsterdam is a (bike) friendly, lively, international, young, colorful, ambitious and very social city. A great city to live in for students, starters, professionals and families.
The Amsterdam rental market is made up of the social housing sector (60%) and the liberated housing sector (40%). The social housing sector is only accessible if you've been living and registered in Amsterdam for at least 10+ years. This leaves the liberated housing sector. Due to this divide, the supply doesn't always match the demand which creates a very dynamic and ever changing housing market. At the moment it is a landlords market for the lower budget apartments because there's more competition but it is a renters market for apartments above the €2.000 mark. Apartments can be on the market ranging from 2 working days for the popular low budget apartments to weeks and sometimes even months for the more high end ones.
Wooden clumps, tulips, bikes, stroopwafels, bitterballen, canals, Kingsday (27th of April), bikes, windmills, cheese and of course Delfts blue. Experience the Dutch customs yourself during your stay!
Bikes, canals, Rijksmuseum, The Gay Pride Parade, Anne Frank House, ‘Over the Edge’ (Europe’s highest swing), red light district, coffeeshops, Artis, diamonds, Ajax, houseboats and many more to explore by yourself!